Why Choose Us?


We have the expertise to get your Property Management needs completed from beginning to end, and get it done right the first time.

Our team have access to the vast experience with our Director of Property Management, Liza Hiddleston. Having excelled within the industry for a period of 10 years Liza is 100% involved in the daily office operations.

At Coastal Shores we make sure there is 100% transparency with clients and tenants, with a very strong focus on the tenant experience. We have a strong belief that one of the best ways to ensure your property continues to deliver high investment and stay tenanted, is by ensuring your tenants feel welcome and enjoy living in your property. ​We pride ourselves on being Caring, Compassionate, Respectful, Transparent and easy to deal with. We take even more pride in our speed and professionalism when you need things done to protect your investment.

Our agency will assure you are up to date, and as much or as little involved as you choose to be with your investment. Our main priority is the communication process between everyone involved with your property so nothing ever gets miscommunicated.